Time for a program reboot?

You have all probably heard by now that GAN (Google Affiliate Network) is closing down. Personally I am happy to see them go. I don’t really think they brought anything to the table for this industry that you couldn’t get elsewhere, I never really used them, and I have never heard anything good about them. […]


Two Great Resources For Affiliates


It takes quite a bit to get my off my lazy butt and write a blog post nowadays but recently there are two resources that have been released for affiliates, particularly new affiliates, that I thought you might want to read about. These two resources are from some of the more respected and experienced people […]


What makes a good affiliate bonus campaign?

Be sure to take advantage of these bonuses listed below.

As an affiliate for many years and now as an affiliate manager I have seen both sides of what it takes to have a successful affiliate program. Much of the success come from balancing the needs and wants of the affiliates with the needs and wants of the merchant. We need to give the affiliates […]


Labels in the Affiliate Marketing Industry

Over the past couple weeks there have been a couple different articles about affiliate marketing that wrongly label or categorize affiliates. The first one that comes to mind is Anne Howard’s article (sorry Anne, your linkbait won’t work with me) which you can read about on Revenews. Basically she painted the entire affiliate industry with […]


I Hate Being Right

Back in January when Pinterest was the talk of the town (it kind of still is) I wrote this: “With Pinterest it really wouldn’t be hard for an affiliate to take a merchant datafeed, write some sort of auto-pin script, and flood Pinterest with thousands or even millions of pins. It wouldn’t take long before […]


Changing Agreements Mid-Stream

Yesterday I got an email from one of the merchants I work with that said in order for the affiliate program to remain profitable they needed to cut the commissions. They were paying 6% with some performance tiers (commission bumps at $750, $3500, and $6000). Now they are at 5% with commission bumps at $6000, […]


Are we really independent?

One of the best things about working for myself is the “independence”. I get to work from home, I can work whenever I want, I can build whatever sites I want. Pretty much all the day to day decisions regarding my business are made by me. But am I really independent? I was thinking today […]


What is Traffic Geyser?


To start out let me get this out of the way: My company is one of the partners in Traffic Geyser. There are three of us partners so yeah, this post might be a bit biased. I will try to keep it objective and not make it totally sound like a sales pitch and hopefully […]