What’s the deal with this blog?

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Well, after years of not doing it I am doing it.  I am starting a blog.  Why you may ask???

I have been wanting to do a “real” blog for a while now.  I have some blogs set up on some of my affiliate websites but those usually don’t say anything about me.  They are mostly related to the content of the site.  So they don’t really count.

As I sat in my office a few days ago, after reading a bunch of other people’s blogs, after realizing how much I have learned from them and been encouraged and after trying to figure out what I could add to the web through a blog I had a thought:  Nearly all the blogs I read fall into one of two categories.  They are either just a family blog where people keep their friends updated with their lives or they are a business related blog. There is some crossover on some blogs but as my mind continued to roll I had another thought:  Why should I keep those two areas of my life seperate???

Most of my friends really have no idea what I do for a living.  Most of the people I know in the affiliate industry don’t know much about my personal life.  I am not a superhero (as far as you know anyway) so why should I lead a “double life” and keep work seperated from personal?  Both of those areas in my life greatly influence each other so I see no need to compartmentalize them.

So for my work people and those in the affiliate and internet marketing industries:  Welcome to a slice of my personal life. Hopefully as you read you will get to know me more, see what makes me tick, and learn more about who I am beyond a few websites and random tweets and stuff. Some of the stuff you might already know, some of the stuff might be a suprise to you but as you learn more about me as a person I trust that our business relationships can grow. Of course if you have any questions feel free to ask. My life is an open book and I will gladly discuss anything I post here.

For my friends and family:  Hopefully you will get a better understanding of what I do, how I earn my money, and why I love this industry. Of course there will be a lot of stuff you don’t understand but feel free to ask any questions.  I will try to answer them without confusing you more.

So there you have it. Do with this what you want. 

I am gonna strive to post on a fairly regular basis. Whether that will be daily, once a week or whatever I am not sure. But when a thought pops into my head I want to share I will post. It could be something happening in my life, something business related, a product review of some sort (I never run out of opinions on stuff), some response to another post I see somewhere… 

Keep reading and enjoy.  Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughs. Am I a fool for trying to combine these two areas of my life?  Is it the most awesome thing you have ever seen?  Let me know.