How Can I Help You?

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How can I help you? I guess you usually hear that at the fast food counter and I am pretty sure the people asking it don’t really mean it.

But I do mean it. How can I help you? I want to help you in any way I can. Just let me know what I can do for you and I will do my best to help you out.

Here are some ideas of how I can help you:

  • Are you a merchant running an affiliate program? I would be happy to take a look at it and make some suggestions to help you grow your affiliate program. Or I could recommend some great affiliate managers to run your program for you.
  • Are you an affiliate? I would be happy to answer any questions about affiliate stuff you might have. I could take a look at your sites and give you some tips on how you can improve them
  • Are you a local company looking for a website or some SEO work? Let me know what you are looking for and how I can help you.
  • Are you just breaking into the affiliate industry? I will do my best to point you in the right direction and give you some recommendations on where to start.
  • Do you have a topic you want me to write about? Just tell me what it is and I will see what I can do.
  • Do you want me to guest post on your blog? Sure thing. Just point me in the right direction
  • Can we swap links on our blogs? Of course
  • Do you have a product you want me to review? I would be happy to. Of course if your product sucks I will openly tell you that.

I will give my best shot at anything I can do to help. Maybe I can help or I might know who to point you to that can help.

Please feel free to drop me an email at


Let me know how I can help you. I am looking forward to it.