Two Reasons Why the Affiliate Industry is Amazing

Affiliate Summit in Times Square. Does it get any better?

Another great Affiliate Summit is in the books. It is hard to say this is the best one ever because they all deserve that title in some way and every time I go to Affiliate Summit I come away reinvigorated, not necessarily because of what i learn at the sessions there but because of the people. Along […]


Affiliate Marketing Is NOT Broken

Bad Affiliate Marketing is Broken. Good Affiliate Marketing is NOT.

Earlier today a misguided individual wrote an article proposing that affiliate marketing was broken. My first instinct was to shake my fist, stand up for my industry, and rip this guy apart. But the more I thought about it the more I saw unfortunately he was right. Kind of… When he says “The goal for all […]


Should you have a budget for your affiliate program???


There was a situation that came up recently with an affiliate manger friend of mine who was told they were out of budget for their affiliate program. In my past life as an affiliate I had some commissions cut in half in December because the merchants said they were running out of marketing budget. I […]


Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award – Wow!!!


Well, I am back from yet another awesome Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. Before I get into my response on being selected Affiliate Manager of the Year I want to give you a couple highlights of the show: Another awesome Shareasale Under the Stars party at Hyde at Bellagio. Awesome venue with a great view […]


6 Things you need to do at Affiliate Summit West

Affiliate Summit West 2015 is just a couple short days away. Affiliates, merchants, networks, OPMs, service providers, and others related to the affiliate industry are getting packed, finalizing meetings, and getting prepared for 3 awesome days of fun, learning, networking, and more. With 5000+ people there from over 1000 different companies it can be a […]


Airing of Affiliate Marketing Grievances for 2014


As you may or may not know today, Dec. 23rd is Festivus and that means it is time for the airing of grievances. There were a lot of things that happened in the affiliate marketing industry this year that rubbed me (and others) the wrong way and now you’re gonna hear about it! 1. Link Connector: […]


What makes a “motivated blogger”?

If you were at the Shareasale ThinkTank 2014 a couple weeks ago you might have heard the term “motivated blogger” used a couple times. Missy Ward used it in her keynote and Brian Littleton mentioned it again during the “Things We Need to Fix” session. Since then there has been some discussion in a few […]


5 Reasons a Multi-Network Affiliate Strategy Sucks

Is a multi-network strategy good for an affiliate program? If I am a merchant looking for an affiliate manager or OPM should I go with one that advocates running the program on multiple networks? If you don’t want to read everything here I will give you the simple answer up front here: NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!! NO!!!!! […]


Story Time: All Cookies Are Not Equal

homemade cookies are the best!

OK, I think this is a great time for a story: Once upon a time there was a cookie store. This cookie store had been around for many, many years and had built a great customer base who liked what they sold. Over the years they had become one of the biggest cookie stores in […]


New Shareasale Tool : Product Showcases

Shareasale Showcase

I was in today looking at the Get Links page when what do I see? A new tab?  One that says Product Showcase??? What could this be? Well I decided to check it out and I was very impressed with what Shareasale has put together here. Let me give you a quick walkthrough: First, […]