Thank You Affiliate Summit!

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I could go into yet another 1000+ word recap of the awesomeness of Affiliate Summit but there are plenty of posts like that around. Don’t believe me? Check out the following awesome recaps of yet another fabulous event:

Affiliate Summit Recap by Vinny Ohare – 5 great posts detailing some of the days before, after, and during the Summit.

Affiliate Summit East Recap in a NY Minute by Stephanie Lichtenstein – Nice, concise recap of Affiliate Summit by Steph from (BTW, if you need any help with anything related to social media get ahold of Stephanie. You won’t be sorry) 

Affiliate Summit East 2010 Recap by Lisa Picarelle – Quick recap of most of the important stuff

and I am sure there are many more out there.

Also there are some good recaps of some of the sessions. Here are a few that have caught my eye over the past week:

Link Building Victories and Failures – Wil Reynolds – By Eric Nagel – Great recap of a very, very good session

Keynote by Jim Kukral recap by Lisa Barone – No idea how Lisa could either write all this info live or take good enough notes. This is a very thorough recap of one of the best keynotes I have ever heard.

If you want to read more recaps just look on twitter, do a blog search on Google, or make up your own and read that as a bedtime story to your children.

Instead of recaping everything myself I just wanted to take a few minutes to give some thank yous to all the people who made Affiliate Summit great for me:

Thank you to Missy Ward and Shawn Collins for putting on yet another awesome Affiliate Summit. Every year (actually twice a year) they continue to raise the bar for excellence when it comes to conferences. You guys did awesome again and I am glad I was able to attend and be a part of it.

Thank you to my golf partners Brian Littleton and Scott Jangro. While I did do better than last year I still couldn’t hang with you two. Pete Dye got us again this year but eventually we will have our revenge.

Thank you to Wade Tonkin from GTO Management for organizing a great dinner at the Tipsy Parson. I went with the catfish and had some cheddar grits on the side. Great time with some good friends.

Thank you Vinny O’Hare and Deb Carney for letting me interupt your meals a few times.

Thank you to Buy.At for the fun party on Saturday night. Lots of chocolate and good times. And I also won a prize from their booth on Tuesday!

Thank you to Shareasale for the amazing party on Sunday night. This party is always one of the highlights of Affiliate Summit and it was great yet again.

Thank you to everyone who made my wife feel very welcome all week, especially Andrew Bennet’s wife Allison.  She had a wonderful time meeting all of you. And she was able to participate by knitting Jen Goode’s penguin a Brian Littleton-esque sweater vest.

Thank you to Jim Kukral for writing Attention: This Book Will Make You Money and giving one of the best keynotes ever. I usually don’t like sitting in keynotes and sessions but this one was great. Lots of good inspiration and practical information. BTW, have you read my review of Jim Kukral’s book?

Thank you Karen Garcia for making the Affiliate Super Friends a reality. The capes for Jim’s keynote were an awesome touch.

Thank you to Wil Reynolds for his Link Building and Failures session and Jon Henshaw for his Supercharging WordPress for SEO session. I rarely go to sessions at conferences but after these two I might have to make it to more of them. Great, practical information that I will start putting into practice very soon on many of my sites.

Thank you to Jason Rubacky and Wade Tonkin for joining me on the last minute Sports Marketing panel. And thank you for all the people in the audience who put up with us. Hopefully we were able to share some quality information. If you were there and have any questions about that stuff please let me know.

Thank you to all my other friends I have missed here. I could probably list about 50 other people pretty easily but hopefully you all know who you are. So thank you. All you guys are the reason I love my job so much and why this is such a great industry to work in. Without you this industry would suck. Thank you again! Please don’t hesitate to ask if there is ever anything I can do to help you. I have taken so much from all of you I want to know how I can give back.


  1. Shawn Collins says:

    Great to see you and meet Kate!

    Thanks so much for stepping up for the session at the last second.

  2. JasonRubacky says:

    Great post Joe! It was a pleasure doing a last minute session with you…

  3. Vinny and I need to thank YOU for storing some stuff for us in your room and being a great dinner companion even though you didn't eat 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the video of your impromptu session once they are available. See you soon!

  4. Thank you Joe! Great seeing you and your wife. Really appreciate you coming out for my speech.

  5. Joe, It was really nice spending time with you and Kate. You guys are so nice and it was nice for Allison to talk shop a bit with Kate regarding knitting. We should connect with Peter Shankman and that Knitting shop that is 15 miles outside the city and get Allison and Kate on the Knitting bus to visit the shop on the next ASE. Although that might backfire on us when the bills come back from the shopping excursion.

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