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A while back (I can’t remember when) I preordered Jim Kukral’s new book Attention: This Book Will Make You Money.  And somewhere along the line I preordered another copy that I forgot about. So now I am the proud owner of TWO copies of Attention: This Book Will Make You Money.

For those of you who don’t like to read here is a video review I did. If you do like to read and want some thoughts that aren’t in the video you can read those later

I read very few books and I have to say I did really like this book. It is a fairly quick read (many of the chapters are just a couple pages) but it is packed with tons of great information, instruction, and examples of people who know how to use attention to make money. There are many books and articles and blogs that will tell you “use social media to make money” but they never get into how and in this book Jim does a good job of explaining what that looks like and he gives some concrete examples of people who have done that and the benefits they have recieved.

Another thing I really liked about the book is how he goes into how to come up with ideas. I would guess for most people coming up with ideas to get attention or ideas for websites or ideas for a business or whatever is one of the harder things to do. I know I am not the most creative and innovative person in the world but I do really like the practical steps Jim gives for being creative.

I am not a fan of people who take themselves too seriously or feel that when they write a book it needs to be more formal and structured. When you read this book it seems like Jim is sitting right across the table from you or in the stool next to you at the bar and you are just chatting about this stuff and for me that is the kind of book that will help me.

Do yourself a favor and go order Attention: This Book Will Make You Money today. If you take what Jim says and put it into practice I have little doubt the title of the book will come true for you. Great job Jim!

If you don’t want to take my word for it you can check out the review Shawn Collins posted on  

And check out this review on

Right now (10:30 PST on August 10th) this book is #505 overall and #2 in some different ecommerce and web marketing categories. Go buy a copy today and see if we can get this book into the top 500!

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