30 Tips, Tricks, and Tools To Save You Time: Social Media and Blogging by Ashley Coombe

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Do you know Ashley Coombe? If not you need to. I met Ashley a couple years back at Affiliate Summit (at least I think that is where we first met) and I have had a few chances to talk with her and hang out with her over the years. If I ever have questions about social media she has been one of the first people I go to for answers.

30 Tips, Tricks, and Tools - Definitely worth a read

30 Tips, Tricks, and Tools – Definitely worth a read

At Affiliate Summit West 2015 Ashley had a session titled Advanced Social Media: 30 Tricks & Tools to Save You Time. Unfortunately my schedule didn’t allow me to attend that session but it was one I really wanted to see. Lucky me though, Ashley took the content she presented and turned it into a Kindle book entitled 30 Tips, Tricks and Tools To Save You Time: Social Media and Blogging by Ashley Coombe.

This book is a fairly quick read but it is packed with some great info. As I read through I found quite a few new tools that I will definitely be using as I put together some sites in the future. 30 Tips, Tricks, and Tools isn’t necessarily a “how to” manual but more of a resource that will make your life a lot easier.

A lot of this book is about how to use Shareist but that isn’t a bad thing since Shareist has a lot of features that take some explaining. Some other tools mentioned are tools like Prosperent that is great for monetization of a site, Canva and PicMonkey that can help with graphics, and organizational tools like Evernote. Like the title says there are 30 different tools but beyond just listing them Ashley does a great job explaining how they will save you time, headaches, and hassles. If you are a blogger or social media marketer these tools can help solve many different pain points you might have.

Do yourself a favor and go download this book right now. It is only $3 and you can either get it on Amazon or you can get it in PDF form.

If you have read this book what is your favorite tool Ashley shares? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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