What I Have Learned This Week

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Just a few random tidbits I have learned this week:

1. It is very easy to be busy but not get anything done.

2. The most rewarding thing about building sites for clients is when they pay me.

3. In some ways I like working on sites for clients because I can test things to use on my sites in the future.

4. The premade pizza dough balls from Winco are actually pretty good. Much better than the lame ones at Trader Joe’s.

5. Writing is hard

6. Writing about something you don’t know much about is very hard.

7. Writing about something you don’t know about and don’t care about is very, very hard.

8. People seem to like this Pinterest thing.

9. Hey Peyton Manning, if you are reading this I give you permission to sign with the Seattle Seahawks if Indy cuts you.

10. The Super Bowl commercials were better as a whole than the last couple years.

11. If you put too much bacon in your clam chowder it just turns into bacon chowder. Not that that is a bad thing.

12: Always have more guys than girls at your parties so they eat all the food you buy.

13. On second thought scratch that one. Left over bacon chowder is still good.

14. I like having a baby around.

15. I wouldn’t enjoy a job where I couldn’t be home and be around the baby. He changes so much every day I would hate to miss any of it.

16. So many other people in the affiliate marketing industry are much smarter than me.

17. That just means there is a lot more room for me to improve.

18. Contentment: Realizing that what God has seen fit to give is gracious and plenty

19: 90% of visits to restaurants are disappointments

20: Dominis is an exception. Awesome food every time I go there. Why don’t I go more???

21. Scheduling anything around a baby that needs to eat and sleep 2 out of every 3 hours is kinda tough.


  1. wow! you learned a lot! 🙂 re #21 do you eat and sleep more with him around?

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