Baby Sousa is on the way!

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Well, you may have heard the news by now but my wife Kate and I will be having our first child in December! The due date is Dec. 22nd so it is looking like we will be having a kid sometime around Christmas.

Seahawks Baby

I have a feeling my baby will be wearing a bunch of Seahawks gear

We found out we were pregnant back in the middle of April but wanted to wait until we could tell our families before making it public. My wife’s two sisters and their husbands live here in town so we told them on Mother’s Day and they were the first people to know. Well, OK, we did tell my niece and nephew (both about 1 year old) as soon as we found out but I am prettysure they were able to keep the secret.

This past week my wife and I were in Hilton Head, SC with all of her family (10 brothers and sisters) for vacation. Since we love donuts (we had 800 of them at our wedding) we decided to call a local donut shop and get some pink and blue frosted donuts. We also got some little plastic baby rattles and stuck them in the hole of the donuts hoping it would make it clear what we were trying to say. When we opened up the boxes of donuts it took everyone a little bit to figure out what was going on but eventually the got it.

We got home on Saturday and had dinner with my parents on Sunday to tell them and then yesterday (Memorial Day) we had our annual breakfast potluck picnic with all our friends. There were about 70 people there and we broke the good news to them.

It is so encouraging for Kate and I to see how excited everyone is for us. We have received so many encouraging comments from people and we know this little child is a great gift from God. When we first saw the ultrasound and saw the baby wiggling around and the heart beating we were both filled with so much joy. We can’t wait to introduce this baby to you all!

So far my wife is doing a wonderful job being pregnant. She even made me chocolate chip pancakes this morning! I know for now she has the tough job of carrying the baby and I love her so much for that. Hopefully I will be able to help her where I can and make the pregnancy as easy as possible for her.

Anyway, we are both super excited and can’t wait until December!


  1. jamesseligman says:

    That's Awesome News. Congrats!

    Only 2 more after that and you guys will catch up with us.

  2. Congrats Joe!

  3. Congrats Joe! The 22nd of Dec you say? That is awesome. My son's birthday is Dec 29th, my moms is the 27th and my little sisters is the 1st of January, so I have a lot of capricorns in my family. 🙂

    Looking forward to them photos….

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