The First Weight Loss Update

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It has been two and a half weeks and I figured it is time to give an update on the weight loss.  If I were a betting man I would have bet that I would have given up by now. But that isn’t the case!

As far as food goes I have been doing pretty well. There have been a couple indulgences here and there (6 pieces of fried chicken and 3 biscuits wolfed down in about 20 minutes is probably at the top of that list) but even with graduation parties, picnics, fathers day meat feasts and other stuff like that I have managed to do a pretty good job of keeping the junk food away.

I think in those two and a half weeks I have logged about 12 miles or so walking/running, 3 games of softball, a couple rounds of golf (BTW, during a recent round of golf I walked 6.16 miles. I thought it would be closer to 4 miles) and a couple other various activities. I think I still need to do a better job of walking and running though. I said I wanted 15 or so miles a week. That might be a bit too ambitious but even 10 miles a week would be a good start.

So now for the weight total: My starting weight was 218.2.  When I weighed myself this morning the scale showed 210. So in about two weeks I have dropped 8.2 pounds. I am pretty happy with that overall.  If I keep eating well and start running a bit more I hope I can repeat that for the next few weeks and be down to 198.2 by Affiliate Summit East.

Total weight loss for me so far: 8.2 pounds.

I also have a few people joining me in this quest so lets hear how you are doing in the comments below. Also, if you want to join up you can read my previous post to see some of the details and join me in raising some money for Affiliate Marketers Give Back. Remember people, I will give $2 per pound lost for anyone that wants to join me. So far I have Vinny, Eric, Kate, and Victor along for the ride. Join up and help me raise more money for charity. Just let me know how much you plan to lose and keep me updated on your progress.


  1. Nice work – fried chicken… mmmm!

  2. I'm also down about 8lbs. I'm pretty pleased with that and hope to be down about 8-10 more lbs by the end of the challenge.

  3. Good work Joe. Keep it up!

    One thing you lazy americans could do is to ramp up the walking part of playing golf 🙂
    Grab that bag, but it on your back and start walking – works really well for me, but seems to pay it's toll on the last 3-4 holes though 🙂

    Problem is you get hungry from the exercise and I tend to eat bad stuff, so the weight don't come off.

  4. Started this challenge at 229.6 and today I was at 219.8. A lot of it had to do with me being sick for a week but I will take the end result. It was a great feeling seeing the scale under 220.

    Biggest problem for me is late night ice cream. I could sit down and eat a pint and be looking for more after that. I have it down to a half a pint a night which is a few scoops.

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