The Obligatory Super Bowl Post

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Well, since I am a huge football fan and I have a blog I guess it is my duty to make a Super Bowl post.  Everyone keeps asking me who I think will win and I already gave a more detailed breakdown of what I think will happen at but I will summarize here.

Basically I hate both teams.  I hate the Arizona Cardinals because the play in the NFC West with my beloved Seattle Seahawks (season ticket holder baby!!!) and thus I hate every NFC West team.  They are the enemy. People keeps asking me “Don’t you want to root for them because they play in the same division?”.  Of course I don’t want to root for them.  I want them to lose every game they play.

I hate the Pittsburgh Steelers because they were handed Super Bowl XL on a platter from the refs. Yeah, the Seahawks could have made more plays to win but those penalties called against the Seahawks were crazy.  I hate using the refs as an excuse as to why the Seahawks lost the game but if you have any sort of a brain you can realize that if the 4 or 5 terrible penalties called against the Seahawks weren’t called the game would have been VERY different (more on this game later). 

So with that out of the way let me try to put on my objective hat and see if I can give a fair assesment of what will happen.  If the Cardinals can get off to a quick start, hit come big plays early, sack Roethlisberger a couple times in the first couple drives, maybe force a turn over they will win.  My guess is 35-17. And based on what they have done in the playoffs they are very capable of this.  If Pittsburgh can put together a couple early, long, clock controlling drives and get the Cardinals in a hole early they will win.  Probably something like 17-13 or so.  They have a pass rush that can mess up any air game from any team and they should be able to get pressure on Warner.

Which scenario will play out?  Smart money is to go with the experience, ground game, defense, and toughness and go with the Steelers but I am gonna go with the Cardinals. They will get out quick and get the Steelers out of their game.

But the real winner?  ME!!! Why?  Well, back during Super Bowl XL I wanted to watch the game alone so I could give my full focus to the game and my other project for the day. I didn’t want people distracting me from my goals and from the game.  My other project?  I wanted to eat 50 wings. No particular reason for that number, it just sounds like a good round number to shoot for.  Now I believe I make awesome wings.  Just deep fry them until crispy, soak in a combination of Franks Red Hot and margerine (a 1:1 ratio for mild, 2:1 for more heat or anywhere in between) for a few minutes and you are good to go.  Very simple.  But the problem was as the game wore on the frustration of the game overtook me and my stomach was in knots.  I think I got up to 38 wings but just couldn’t finish the last few because I was so sick over the game.

This year with no emotional attachment to either team that shouldn’t be a problem.  I plan to try the 50 wing challenge again. If I am still alive on Monday (and not stuck on the toilet) I will post an update.  The only question is whether I watch the game alone with no distractions or go over to a friends house with about 5 other people so I can have a cheering section.  But that would also mean I would have to make wings for them… Decisions, decisions.

But in my mind, even if I get to 35 wings I am a winner because they taste so dang good!!!


  1. I'm rooting for the "at someone's house", provided of course that it will be the house I will be at. Peer pressure can be an amazing force for change, or for eating 50 wings. And yes, well, I want to try your wings. (Lets face it, this blog is about the wings, and whether or not you will make yourself sick that night.)
    As far as the game, I'm rooting for…injuries, to both qbs, bruce, and the rest of the e street band! In fact i want bruce to be called in as a tackle because so many players from both teams will be hurt.
    and yes kurt warner is older than his coach

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